Is it safe to travel to the Middle East? (Guardian)

The recent unrest in the Middle East/North Africa has prompted many of the travel supplements to question whether or not it’s advisable to travel to the region. On Saturday 5th March the Guardian ran a round-up on Middle Eastern destinations, asking just that. I was asked to comment on Libya, where I’d recently travelled (a week before the uprisings there).

Gadaffi poster in Tripoli museum ©Gail Simmons

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2 thoughts on “Is it safe to travel to the Middle East? (Guardian)

  1. Great picture. I was in Libya 2 years ago and stayed with my friend who is Libyan. It’s a wonderful county and must be liberated from this brutal dictator.

  2. Thanks Sally. I was in Libya just before the uprising (nothing to do with me!) and was very taken with the kindness of the Libyan people, and how relaxed the place seemed. Now it looks like they are in for a protracted civil war and/or a split between east and west Libya. I was hoping to go back later this year, to travel in the desert, but this now seems increasingly unlikely. I hope your friend is OK.

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