Sound Sculpture, BBC’s ‘Saturday Live’ programme

What I like about the British Media in general, and the BBC in particular, is that they’ll let just about anyone have a go at broadcasting if they have something reasonably interesting to say. I’d already appeared on the BBC’s From Our Own Correspondent  (twice) and on Excess Baggage (also twice – talking about Sinai and Palestine respectively). But on 30 June a rather different story was broadcast, on Radio 4’s Saturday morning programme, Saturday Live. This was part of their ‘Sound Sculpture’ series, where listeners pick a sound and describe what it means to them (great radio!).  So here’s my Sound Sculpture, which pops up around 12.30 minutes into the programme.

1970s Hoover steam iron

Letter from Hinnøya (Sunday Telegraph magazine)

One of the most interesting (of many very interesting) characters I met in the Norwegian Arctic Circle in February was a Saami lady, Laila Inga. Along with her husband, Arilde, she ran a reindeer farm and was attempting to carry on her traditional, semi-Nomadic life helped by the technological aids of the modern world (skidoos in stead of dog sleighs, for example). But along with improvements in technology, life in the 21st century also brought her challenges, such as the fear that her kids would not want to carry on with the hard life of an Arctic reindeer herder. A very small part of my interview with her was published in the Sunday Telegraph’s magazine, SEVEN.

Laila Inga and her husband, Arilde