Oxford ‘expert’

For the past few years I’ve been the Telegraph’s ‘Destination Expert’ for my home city of Oxford. When I first wrote the guide in late 2011 I explored the city I’d been living in for the previous 25 years with new eyes, trying to see it as a tourist might. I fell in love with it all over again. Now, every year, I am asked to update that guide, and although the work isn’t the most interesting I do, I’m still proud to represent  the great city of Oxford on behalf of the Telegraph. Here’s my latest version.

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Autumn in Oxford

I’ve lived in Oxford on and off (though much more on than off) for almost 30 years, and although I know it inside out, I’m always surprised by new discoveries. This is what makes this gorgeous little city so special to me. So when the Telegraph asked me to be their ‘”Oxford expert” I was happy to oblige. As well as writing a comprehensive guide, the gig also involves regular ’round-ups’ of the city. Here’s my latest.

A Perfect Day … in Oxford (TIME Magazine)

I always appreciate the chance to write about my home city of Oxford, which I thought I knew pretty well after 25 years of (mostly) living there. In this piece for TIME Magazine, however, I interviewed five eminent Oxford women about how they would spend a perfect day in the city.  And in doing so, I discovered some hidden nooks and secret crannies that were new even to me …

Port Meadow, Oxford (OxOx, Wikipedia Commons)


Oxford City Guide (Daily Telegraph)

After spending the last few years writing (mostly) about the Middle East it was nice to be asked to write an online guide to somewhere a bit closer to home. In fact it is my home: Oxford. It was great to spend a few days revisiting places in the city I know so well, but as a tourist rather than as a resident. It felt like falling in love all over again. Here’s the result.

Bridge of Sighs, December 2010 © Gail Simmons