Meeting the Queen

The Queen Of Jordan, that is! I’m just back from a press trip to write about the new Jordan Trail for the Telegraph,  and on the last day we were unexpected (for security reasons) summoned to meet HM Queen Rania, who is a fantastic ambassador for for her country. She was glamorous and charming, spoke perfect English, and was genuinely interested in the Jordan Trail project, which has been almost thirty years in the making. Flying home from Jordan yesterday I picked up a copy of the Jordan Times to read on the flight, and found a report of Queen Rania’s visit, including a group photo (I’m in the bottom left-hand corner of the picture, in the lilac scarf). All in all, I walked 60 kms through spectacular mountain scenery to Petra, before the royal visit. An amazing finale to an amazing trip!

Meeting Queen Rania

Her Majesty Queen Rania poses for a group photo with Thru Hike participants at Dana Village on Monday (Photo courtesy of the Royal Court)

Five Reasons to Visit Petra (TIME Magazine)

I will never forget my first view of Petra’s Treasury (el-Khazneh), glimpsed one early morning over seven years ago after a long, winding walk through the ancient city’s famous Siq (canyon). I have returned many times since, and the view never fails to swipe my breath away. This view of Petra is an iconic one, and has hardly changed since the Nabateans carved their city out of the sheer rockface of the spectacular Shara mountains of southern Jordan around the first century BC. Then, two hundred years ago this year, on 22 August 1812, young Swiss explorer Johann Burckhardt also experienced the same breathtaking view when he entered Petra after it had been lost for many hundreds of years. The city is now celebrating its rediscovery, and my piece for TIME Magazine, giving Five Reasons to Visit Petra, was published to coincide with the events. (If you are not a TIME subscriber you can read the PDF version here).


The Treasury, Petra, as viewed from the Siq
© Gail Simmons

A Weekend in Petra

Recently I was asked at short notice by Oryx, the excellent magazine of Qatar Airways, to write a little piece about visiting Petra for a weekend from Amman (and here it is in the May edition of the e-magazine, p. 22). I’ve visited Jordan many times, and travelled along the very ancient King’s Highway often, so was able to write it up from previous experience. It’s always nice to be asked to do a piece of work rather than have to pitch an idea, and always good to be able to oblige. And it reminded me why I love travel writing so much: it allows me to retrace a favourite journey in my imagination as vividly as if I were still there in real life.

Long Threads – Syria’s Silk Road (CNN Traveller)

My latest piece on the Silk Road in Syria has appeared in the Jan/Feb 2011 edition of CNN Traveller. Here’s the e-magazine (it’s on page 60).

Camels at Palymra, Syria © Gail Simmons

“A deep silence settles over the city, broken only by the barking of wild dogs and the call to prayer from the minarets of Tadmor, the modern village that grew up after the Bedouin were turfed out of the ruins when the archaeologists moved in.

Like that other great desert city, Petra, Palmyra made her fortune by charging levies on the goods that passed through her gates. But the Silk Road was much more than a trade route where money changed hands. It was a meeting place where ideas were exchanged, cultures mixed and artistic influences spread.”

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