About Gail

“When we asked Gail to interview ‘a few locals’ in the Holy Land for an article on how they spend their Christmases, we never expected that she would come back with the likes of Mahmoud Abbas, the President of the Palestinian National Authority, or Vera Baboun, the first female Mayor of Bethlehem. But that’s Gail for you. She’s tenacious and consistently brings her A-game. The fact that she actually got through to Abbas on the eve of the historic UN vote for the recognition of Palestinian statehood, to brazenly ask the man what he was going to be up to on Christmas Day, shows you just how persistent she is and the kind of access she is capable of pulling off. Gail is also very conscientious. She’ll be coming back to you with minor polishes and improvements to her text, right up to publication deadline. … at TIME we regard that as professionalism. It’s the mark of a journalist who gives a damn.”

— Liam Fitzpatrick, senior editor, TIME